Main Street Bridge Industrial Installation


Project Brief

The City of Kansas City, Missouri replaced a primary bridge connecting the arts district to the central business district and added a brand new streetcar line across it. El dorado inc and artist James Woodfill were hired to create an “artistic enhancement” that would facilitate this multi-modal experience and emphasize walkability and care for pedestrians. Our design reduces highway noise and encourages movement in all directions, provides an accessible path and a low-maintenance solution to public space. We used a combination of steel posts, concrete barriers, chain link fencing, lighting, and sound-attenuating transparent panels to achieve this. We widened the sidewalks and improved visibility of the crosswalks and designed places to pause and rest.

I was responsible for organizing and facilitating city stakeholder meetings throughout the process. I created the presentations and produced schematic designs and renderings, which were used in all meetings, and contributed to the production of construction documents.


Design: Lindsey Fisher, Chris Burk
Direction: David Dowell, James Woodfill
Photography: Mike Sinclair


Industrial Design, Presentation Design, Public Art