Fellow Father Product Design


Project Brief

Fellow Father’s mission is to build a strong support network where dads connect, share experiences, and grow together. We plan to release products and host events that help achieve this. The first product is a party game that encourages dads to share their parenting stories, ask tough questions and get real answers from their peers. 

Fellow Father is inspired by the classic dart game Cricket, both in game structure and in visual appearance of the dartboard. Pops of color remind dads where to aim and a chalkboard backboard allows them to track their progress. It is more than a game, it is a piece of functional art intended to be displayed proudly on the wall of a den, a home office, or at the bar. Here, it serves as a symbol for a modern dad.


Design: Lindsey Fisher
Direction: Kevin St. John

Camera: Blake Kresge
Camera Assistant: Kat Keyes
Director: Lindsey Fisher
Editor: Lindsey Fisher
Direction: Ada Whitney


Product Design, Experiential Design, Branding, Typography, Color, Video Production

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